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3 acceptances, 2 questions


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So I applied to three schools which I got accepted to all of them. Which are St. John's University (M.A Government and Politics), Pace University (Master of Public Administration) and Brooklyn College (M.A Political Science). I was aiming for the field of politics so I didn't miss anything here. In terms of location, they are all located in NYC and I have no problem with their location. My questions are:


1. How are the courses, classrooms environment and teaching? SJU doesn't really provide much of a detail about their course on the website.

2. What are the pros and cons of each school that you've experienced or heard?


Any suggestions that may not related to the questions are welcome and all of your answer are appreciated : )

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These seem like questions that would be better answered by visiting these schools. Also, you maybe should be concerned if you're not finding many details regarding a school's courses.

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I agree; since I don't think these programs are particularly large or well-known, I think it would be better to see what you can find out through talking with the director of graduate studies or graduate student coordinator in each department. Pros and cons will be different for everyone, too. My advice:


- Ask if the DGS/coordinator can set you up with current students to chat with about the program. Ask them what they liked/didn't like about it, how supported they feel by the school, how much time professors have for them, etc. 

- If possible, visit the departments and set up meetings with a professor or two who you're interested in, ask to sit in on a class, see if there are library tours, etc. Find out where current students hang out. Do you see yourself fitting in better at one program or another?

- Request to see a list of courses at each school 

- Ask about the possibility for interdisciplinary study at each school. Are you encouraged to cross-register in other departments or expected to do all/most of your credits in the department to which you applied?

- Assess the funding situation! Are these programs funded or will you be paying for tuition and living expenses? How much? This would be a major factor in my decision

- How are the programs ranked in your field? Will any of these programs open doors for you more so than the others? 

- Ask the DGS about the school's placement record. Are graduates getting good jobs? Are they getting into good PhD programs? What's the average starting salary of these grads?

- Ask about internship opportunities and connections the school has. Some schools have ins with certain organizations, making it much more likely that you get an internship where you can make valuable connections and build experience. I'd weigh this one heavily. 

- What resources are available on campus? Does this school have a great library and stellar language programs? Or a tight-knit community with lots of clubs and great gym facilities? Resources could be academic or quality of life issues. 


Good luck! 

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