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Bit of a dilemma here. Would appreciate anyone's insight. 


Last summer, my advisor invited me (unsolicited) to be his assistant/adjunct lecturer for a course he was teaching in the fall (I already had funding through a research assistantship so this was just because he said he wanted to help me gain experience teaching -- I would lecture two/three times a semester and he'd give me feedback etc). Then at the beginning of the semester, he and I had a major falling out and he revoked his offer. It's been about eight months since then and things are  (relatively) better between he and I. Anyway, he is teaching a survey course for a month in the summer and I've thought about asking him if he would consider letting me be his assistant/adjunct lecturer for that course. I've thought about framing my request along the lines of, "I was really looking forward to gaining teaching experience under your supervision and I regret that circumstances didn't align for that to happen last fall, but was wondering if you would consider allowing me to gain that experience this summer?" etc etc). If it makes any difference, this would be solely for experience -- no pay. 


Good idea? Bad idea? Any thoughts?? 

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Without really knowing the details of what happened between the two of you, it's kind of hard to make that judgment. However, if it really wasn't that bad of a falling out and you two are on pretty good terms, I'd say go for it. Your experience teaching is important. Give it some thought and determine if you'd be a good fit working with him in a teaching role--I'd imagine that if you're still with him as an advisee, then things are probably good enough to do this.


I think all advisors and students probably go through some sort of falling out at some point. Don't let that hurt your professional development.

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