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Columbia MS CS vs Edinburgh MSc Informatics

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I've done a BEng in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Southampton and have decided to switch fields but hope to work on engineering applications in the future. I am interested in machine learning (with an emphasis on Stats) and have gotten an offer from both Columbia and Edinburgh for their MS programs. From what I read, both schools are pretty good in the field but Columbia seems to have more limited ML courses as compared to Edinburgh. Through the MS, I want to learn as much as I can about ML and figure out if I should do a PhD and that's a consideration in my decision process. Does anyone any suggestions on which program is better for that?


I've heard that the Columbia MS CS is just a money spinner, but how true is that? 


Btw, does anyone know how UCL's MSc CSML program compare to the above programs? I have applied to it and have yet to hear back. And how good is Gatsby now with Zoubin and Yee Whye gone?




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I don't know about Edinburgh but Columbia is not really the top school for Computer Science. Many of my friends from engineering school went to CMU, UC Berkeley. Stanford, of course, is really good. I think it'd be better if you apply to some of these schools as well and see where you stand.


Disclosure: I did engineering from India but am currently going to grad journalism school in USA. But I've written many essays for my friends so have some knowledge of universities.

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