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Master's Dilemma: two similar MA programs- FAU vs. UNCG


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Yo. I've been accepted to the MA in sociology at both Florida Atlantic University and the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and both have offered me a graduate assistantship. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about these two programs. Has anyone heard much about either one? What is the perception of these programs in the top-30 PhD programs? These are my main considerations since both have profs that are doing work that I'm interested in, though I think Greensboro is a slightly better fit in that.


Both of these programs are unranked for sociology in places like US news rankings, etc. so I'm trying to look elsewhere for info about these programs.


Thanks in advance for any advice and insight on this. All thoughts are welcome and appreciated :) PM me if you'd like.

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Maybe I should also mention and ask about this: the program director at UNCG said that she can nominate a few students each year to have their tuition retroactively reimbursed, and that she would nominate me for the 1st year (and that, since I could establish residency in NC, my 2nd year tuition would be waived); I'm wondering how much I can rely on this, or how likely it really is. Is this something that is done in grad programs? Is it fairly common? It seems like an odd process but maybe it's typical and I'm just not used to it.


Thanks again for your comments.

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