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What do I need?


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I will be applying to do a phd in social work as an international student. Whilst I do have some research experience, I am wondering if I need to move on from practicing social work to full time research to assist my application. My profile is as follows

BA Hons English lit and History

MSW gpa equivalency is 3.6

3 years post MSW practice in child welfare and adoption

Research experience from summer of 2011 which resulted in two papers, one of which I am the first author in a peer reviewed journal. I still have close contact with my professor who I worked with on tthis project.

The university I studied at is mediocre.

I have not yet taken the GRE but plan to this summer before putting my applications with.

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I can't say what's best for you but I can say I have very limited research experience (less than you) and got into two of the three programs I applied to.  I assume it varies by program so you would probably be better off contacting the places that you're interested in and checking what they'd like to see. 

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