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MA in Anthropology: Columbia vs. George Washington


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I am really confused. Got admission offer from both Columbia and GW for master in Anthropology. I am interested in the sociocultural track but GW offers International Development concentration while Columbia does not. So far I am not thinking of pursuing Phd. I prefer to work after graduation. My major was in Medical Sciences and so I do not know which one should I go with!!  


Any one has an experience with any of these programs? 

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I'd decide based on:


1) Funding/cost to attend. If one is significantly less expensive, I'd weigh that heavily since anthro is not a lucrative field and you don't want to be saddled with too many loans

2) Rank in your field, especially since this will be your terminal degree

3) Placement record - what are grads of these programs doing?

4) Personal fit. Which place do you like better? Do you see yourself working in NYC or DC after graduation? Where do you think you'll be happier?

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