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I applied for the Fall 2015 cycle to do my Master's in Electrical Engineering. I was accepted to my first choice school and my safety. I really do not want to attend my safety since it is the school I currently attend and the lab environment is very unfriendly and frustrating. I was offered funding at my safety but it was not guaranteed after the first semester. My first choice did not offer any funding so I would have to take loans (~80k).  I am an international student and I am desperately searching for a cosigner. Are there any resources anyone could provide for international students? Also, is it a bad idea to reject my safety in hopes of finding funding to attend my top choice? I was given until Wednesday to decide for my safety. Thanks everyone!

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Thanks for that article! Unfortunately, both schools are on different tiers. My first choice is an Ivy wifh great research and amazing faculty and the other is a mediocre state school. I'm not sure they'll be too compelled by offer comparisons lol

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