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Biostats master, eventual goal Pharma industry...?

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Hi all,


 I know this question has been asked a lot of times and I'm wondering if the below plan I have would work out...?


So I'm attending master Biostats this fall. I was wondering if I plan to work in research institute for 2 years after master and maybe 2~3 years in CRO, would it be possible to get into pharma industry? or in anyhow I still need to have a PhD?


2. I know that PhD is required to get to higher level management in pharma industry but I was wondering if I only have a master but have 5 years (+) experience with an MBA degree, would that help to move into management level?



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Hello Lisa,

I was told one can have a great career with a Master Degree "only" as long as you have more experience for the position you will apply. Of course I am talking about relevant experience.

Give a glance at vacancies in pharma industry, a Master is required and a PhD is prefered but you can compensate with a Master and relevant experience.

Hope it will help

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