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SIPA - funding

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Hi guys,


Anyone ever tried asking SIPA's financial aid department for money? I can't attend without funding, so I was thinking about e-mailing them and asking for some help.


If so, how was it and who did you talk to?


Any help is very much appreciated! :)

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I wrote a polite email to the financial aid office immediately upon getting my acceptance email stating that I would love to attend but would need funding to do so. They wrote back with a link to a form for requesting a financial aid appeal. Unfortunately I believe the deadline to submit that form was sometime last week so if I were you I'd try to call them first thing tomorrow and see if there's still any opportunity to appeal.

For the record, I believe SIPA is known to not have much money for aid so I wouldn't get your hopes up, but it never hurts to try. I did not end up submitting my appeal as I've decided to go elsewhere, so I can't say whether it might have been successful. Good luck!

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Hi there. 


I met Dean Janow, and she said that since 2013, financial aid has increased by 30%, which is a big achievement for the school. She said they have also changed their previous policy of only giving second year funding to splitting the funding across two years since they believe the first year requires more assistance for international students to settle down etc.


It may be possible that the continued reputation of SIPA as a stingy school is changing gradually.


That being said, the financial aid appeal offer is only applicable IF you received some funding with your acceptance letter (as far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong) No news from the office yet on the appeal yet.


The deadline was April 15. If you have accepted your offer, you can try emailing them requesting an extension to fill the form. Nothing to lose right?


Best person to talk to is David Sheridan, he has been great with the entire process


Best of luck!

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thanks a lot for both of your responses!


I guess there's no harm in trying... I haven't accepted my offer yet (my deadline is May 1st, since I didn't get any funding), but I'll ask anyways.


As I'm sure there's more people wondering the same thing, I'll write back if I get anything.

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