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canadian clinical psyc programs


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okkayy i am trying to decide some clinical psyc programs to apply to, does anyone know about the Msc at Acadia in clinical science? Or if the clinical psyc program at Victoria, Condoria, or OttawaU is a better choice to apply to then lets say Dalhousie, I would like to get in somewhere.....so I'm not looking for the very best program out there and I'm not sure where I stand application wise. But Dal would be nice, but I'm also applying to some research and cog sci programs so I don't want to just apply to every clinical program out there

GRE scores are low, like 1100, Major GPA almost at an A+ (1 A), cumulative GPA almost at an A (different program 1st year that I did poorly in)

I have relevant research experience at 2 hospitals, one where I am doing a project as part of my 4th year thesis project, also doing an independent study for a credit about health behaviors/ emotions along with some data entry work in a lab at my school

i know research experience is important, I just don't know how important for clinical programs or for trumping lets say low gre scores....ishoudl be able to grab some decent LORs *crosses fingers*

any advice/ thoughts/ anyone in clinical psyc i feel extremely lost.

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