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I was accepted to grad school this year after applying for the second time. I was accepted to three programs and decided to commit to an in-state school since it was way cheaper than the other programs and all the programs offered what I was looking for. I had an incredibly hard time deciding because I really wanted to experience living somewhere completely different instead of moving about two hours away. However, since I will be saving a lot of money I decided I wanted to put that money aside to travel. I would love to be able to travel to a place where I would also be able to volunteer or work. The program I committed to does not offer summer classes, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any volunteer opportunities that are not in North America? I remember seeing one I was interested in that was in Costa Rica while I was doing my undergrad, but I don't know how reputable it is. Also, does anyone know of any possible abroad volunteer/job opportunities that are offered once I graduate and I am an SLP? Thank you 

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My advice to you is to go to the country first and find opportunities once you get there. For instance when you search for volunteer opportunities online, you are taken to opportunities you have to pay for. But there is an abundance of free volunteer opportunities. I just went to South Africa last year and immediately found a volunteer position as a teacher aid in a Zulu primary school. I worked for one month in exchange for boarding. The kids were absolutely delightful. I also considered extending to work on a horse ranch nearby. I found all these opportunities by staying at Fair-Trade Tourism locations- affordable lodging that does many projects with the local community such as what I did. This may sound intimidating, but American capitalism stops at nothing, even ripping off volunteers on a budget. So don't be fooled. Be adventurous. Once you get to where you wanna go, ask around. You will be so happy you did. Good luck!

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