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Rider vs. Georgian Court vs. Monmouth - Graduate Programs


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I've been accepted to Rider University, Georgian Court University, and Monmouth University. Each for a M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (my back-up plan since I didn't get accepted to a doctorate program). I'm having difficulty deciding....Does anyone have experience at any of these schools, for any graduate program, that they can share?


Rider University - 



I was impressed that their students come out with 3 additional certificates as part of the curriculum. 


No word on a scholarship offer yet, but they are the cheapest at $780 per credit before add fees. 


Everyone I know who attends there for other specialties (Business/Arts) loves it.


They have the most comprehensive and informative website describing their program. This doesn't seem important but as I was searching for information and comparisons it really made it look professional and well funded.


Not a cohort model so classes can be taken as schedule permits.



The 3 extra certificates are fluff, like life coaching, and are nice to have but not really useful in the real world -  sort of.


They are an hour + commute with only very limited on-line/hybrid classes.


The limited research that the staff engages in is focused on positive and spiritual aspects, which is not what I'm interested in as I move towards the doctorate level.


Not a cohort model, so you have to fight for open spots in classes you need.



Georgian Court - 



The staff does some very limited research closer to my interests and specializes in areas closest to my interest in their non-academic careers.


They are close to home.


I've received my B.A. from there and have a relationship with the staff and campus.


Cohort model, so I'm guaranteed space in the class as I need it.



I attended GCU for my undergrad and left feeling a little behind and unprepared for the next step, even though I made my goals very clear and worked hard to achieve whatever steps were laid in front of me over the course of two years. So, I'm hesitant to jump on their graduate program (though it is a different set of professors).


The interviewees who showed up to the interviews were dressed and acted like they were in a class room setting - not professional at all...that speaks to me about the atmosphere of the grad program.


They offer zero in funding outside of loans and are just under $1000 per credit.


They are a cohort model, which means there is little room if something happens in life a to make scheduled adjustments and you are stuck with the same students - no matter what.


They had the worst website detailing their program...honestly, why is it do hard to put together a well navigated site?


Monmouth University - 



They are a well known school.


They aren't as close as GCU, but not as far as Rider.


Offered a small scholarship of $5000 per year (average cost per class - $4000...so it's very small indeed).



Topping out at just under $1100 per credit before additional fees, they are the most expensive. 


Website was also not very good.


Parking is atrocious on campus and in a historic type area so street parking is not really offered. 


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