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Drexel MS in Biostatistics?


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Any opinions on Drexel's MS program in Biostatistics?

I applied on a whim, not really knowing much about the biostatistics field, upon the suggestion of my academic advisor. The other programs I applied to (& was accepted into) are Applied Statistics programs, with the exception of Columbia's QMSS program ( which defies classification, I suppose). Drexel's is the only biostats program I applied to, and I wish I had applied to a wider variety, but alas. Anyway I got in, and I'm starting to lean in the direction of studying Biostatistics instead of Applied Statistics.

I am a bit conflicted over this, as I haven't heard much about the Drexel program at all, and it doesn't seem to often come up in discussions about biostatistics. Also, it's quite expensive...but I'm trying to not let $$ be a deciding factor. And there is that little voice in my head (or more often, coming out of my father's mouth) saying I would be crazy to turn down Columbia for Drexel....but again, trying to approach this maturely.

Drexel does have a lot going for it. I like the structure of the program and the hands-on experience it affords, and the faculty's research areas line up with my interests. Drexel's SPH is fully accredited and ranked 21st nationally, which is not great but...not horrible, right? Also, the aforementioned father lives only a couple of train stops from campus and has offered to house me for free (not a decision maker, but a bonus. He's an amazing cook...it sure can sway a girl)

Anyway, thoughts? I guess I could wait and apply again next cycle, but I'd really prefer not to...

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