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UPenn Second Round Masters


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Hi guys I know this is a pretty nerve racking time for most people, but has anyone heard anything regarding UPenn's second round masters? UPenn has two application cycles one Nov. 15th and one Mar. 15th with them supposedly responding within 4-6 weeks. 6 weeks would be this Sunday, but I haven't heard a peep from anyone or much even from browsing here. Do schools even ever send out results on weekends? Specifically I guess I'm asking about their MCIT program. Thanks for reading guys :S

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I applied to their MSE program for the second cycle and heard from them on April 15th but every department is different and have different wait times.  I usually calm myself down and stay confident and hopeful but if you're really anxious, you could send a polite email or call since it's pretty late. Best of luck!

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Thanks for the reply, you have no idea how much I needed that :D

Welp the waiting continues ;) but hopefully not up until June like some of the results search would terrifyingly indicate...

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