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PhD program in SLHS


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Hi all,


I feel like I might be the only one here "aspiring" to get a PhD in this small field. I am wondering if anyone else is doing the same.


Are any of you SLP people moving on to get the PhD?


The only people I can talk to about this stuff is the professors at my undergraduate university, but I am too shy to talk to them (I wish talking to professors felt more casual). I am currently an intern in a psycholinguistics lab (I really like it), but I again, I am not even 90% comfortable expressing my interests to her. I love cognitive psychology/speech&language, but I want my research to translate well into the medical area somehow and be a part of a research team in a hospital/medical center or something along those lines.


I don't know, I feel lost/scared/confused and I'd like to bounce ideas of you guys??

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