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Not sure about what else I need.


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I'm applying for my Masters in Computer Science, with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction. There aren't that many colleges out there that offer the course, which is why I applied to a few good colleges like- Georgia Tech, Boulder Colorado and USC.


I assumed that I had a fair shot of getting into all of these, considering that:

I have a GRE score of 327, 163 Quants, 164 Verbal

I have a TOEFL score of 117

I have 2 years work experience, working as a Commissioning Editor for an IT publishing firm, where my job involves research of IT trends in order to come up with ideas for books.

I have a First Class (60% or 3.2 GPA) in my UG

I was fairly active in extra curricular activities.

I got a recommendation from 2 of my professors and one of my seniors from work.


But I have not got into any grad school that I applied to. The reasons and explanation for the same are never mentioned in these rejection letters either.


It would be great if any of you could explain or help me realize what has gone wrong here and what I need to work on to have a better shot next year, because nothing is more frustrating than not knowing whats wrong and not having a chance to improve because of it.

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I am not familiar with the application process for a Masters in CS, however, if you have to write a statement of purpose as part of your application, it could very well be that you are not tailoring it to fit the schools you are applying to. For my area of interest, SoP's are heavily weighed in admission decisions. It could be the same for CS and that explains why you didn't get any admissions. Another thing to consider is how strong the letters of rec were, how many schools you applied to, extra curricular activities, and experience in the field other than your current job. 

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