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Social Disorganization Theory

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Hey Guys,


Need your help with Shaw and McKay's Social disorganization theory and by some chance in hell any of you have seen the movie "Dogville"?


The plots characters are actually a very boring, well organized small town with no crime, until Grace (Nicole Kidman) shows up and long story short the people take advantage of her. There is really nowhere to apply this theory, or is there?


The movie does show that evil can happen anywhere, once given the right circumstances. That may be the only connection I have.


However, what can I do with 12 minuted and power point??? I dont want it to be boring...and if I have to discredit the theory that's fine too, as long as i can put it all together. HELP me if you can!

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1) I have not seen the movie.


2) Start by writing out all of the tenets of Social Disorganization Theory 


3) A 12 minute powerpoint can be a cake-walk if you know the theory and relevant other theories (I would go w/ environmental theories, but I'm biased).


4) This is not an ideal place to solicit help for assignments. I would consider asking faculty or other students at your institution.

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Social Disorganization theory is full of positives and negatives. 12 minutes is nothing. Does the environment really affect the person? This theory basically states that it's the place, not the person that affects crime. There are a ton of arguments for and against. Either take a stance or present it as a conundrum.

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