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Form DS-160: Am I 'self-employed' or 'unemployed'?

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I graduated in June, 2014 and since then I did a little 'writing' online -- and was paid a few dollars per article. In some months, I didn't write at all, since I was busy with GRE, TOEFL prep etc.

Right now, I write 1-2 articles a month online. I do not have a contract, and I publish when and if I want to with this mag. Do you think it is alright for me to put 'unemployed' in my status? In the text-box that says 'specify other', I wrote: 'After completing my graduation, I have mainly been busy with PhD prep. I wrote some papers and reviewed some books.'


Any thoughts?

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I also would like to know if it's ok to put unemployed.

I've been tutoring from home and some of it I do it for free, so can I write unemployed and specify that I'm preparing for grad school and also volunteering?

Would I have any problems with it?


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