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University of Victoria's MPH Program


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Hey guys!

I've recently been accepted into UVic's MPH program. I am also accepted into USask, and now it's decision time! While this site has plenty of info and opinions on USask's program, I can hardly find anything on UVic!! I really want to make an educated decision about which school to attend, so does anyone have an opinion on the UVic program? I'm leaning towards it cause it's close to home (I live in Vancouver), but don't want to choose to go there only for that reason. Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated :)

Edit: I forgot to mention that I'd be specializing in Social Policy at UVIC :)

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Hi, I need help too. I got into both of these universities too. Mph1992, if you don't mind, can you share your stats?

Sure! I have a B.Sc. in Kinesiology, GPA is 3.8. 2 years volunteering as a peer health educator at my school, 1 year volunteering in the healthy heart program at my local hospital, 6 months of research internship, and 6 months working as a personal trainer. Interested in social policy and health promotion!

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Hi Mph1992,

Did you decide to attend UVic?

If so, are you liking the program so far? Could you tell me a little bit about your MPH experience so far?

Did you have to attend orientation week? What exactly happens during orientation week?

Thanks so much!


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I realize this is a year too late, but I forgot about this account! I thought it might be useful for me to post an update here.

I did decide to go to UVic, and it has been a great decision! I've completed almost all my courses and am just halfway through my practicum now - I will finish the program in August! UVic has some amazing professors, interesting courses, and a flexible format. The distance-based aspect is great, and I've written papers and taken exams from halfway around the world! You have to go to campus 3 times - once for orientation, once for a 1-week intensive course at the end of the first year, and then once at the end of the program to present your project. The on-campus experiences are great because you get to network and put faces to the names that you see in the online discussions every week.

If anyone has any questions about UVic please feel free to ask! I know when I was applying there wasn't much info on this program since it's quite new, so I want to be of use to some of you!

Oh, and I should mention that in my year, 250 people applied and they accepted 25-30 I believe!

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Hi Mph1992,  I have completed my MBBS and now looking to apply at Uvic for MPH program as an International student. I have no  experience of community service. Can I show my One year mandatory internship during MBBS as an community service? My GPA is average. Can I get admitted in Uvic?

To get confirm admission in MPH in canada which other universities I choose?

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