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BU LEAP program


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Hi everyone ! 


My name is Melodie and I am currently doing a master degree in law in France (I have a bachelor in Law as well).


Although I enjoy law school... I don't really want to work in that field. Furthermore, I always loved science, and I wanted to be an engineer since I was a kid. I actually started to study to become an engineer just after high school but I left the program for several reasons : one being that it was not very welcoming to women and I was too young to deal with this. 


But now I regret leaving this program so much, and I realize that engineering is really what I want to do with my life, especially Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 


I just learned about the BU LEAP program, which is amazing because there is no program like that in France and it would be perfect for me but I had a few questions and I was wondering if some of you could help me answer it. 


How hard is it to get accepted to this program ? Do you guys know any international student who got in ? 

Is it easy to find a job following this program ? 



And is anyone planning to apply next year ? 


Also if you guys know any similar program I could apply to, it would be amazing. 


Thank you ! 

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Salut Melodie,


I think LEAP is a good idea, but only one of many options.


I applied to LEAP several years ago, but instead I ended up attending a public university who accepted my coursework earned at my local community college.


I have a bachelors in English and French language, and then made the switch to engineering right away. I took evening classes in calculus, chemistry, physics, and engineering to gain admission to the public university where I'm finishing my MS Mechanical Engineering this year.


In summary, I don't think LEAP is the only option for you and it is certainly a VERY expensive route to take. You may want to research and see if you can take some classes online to build up your quantitative background. I encourage you to take the GRE exam as well and study very hard for it.


Best of luck to you. PM me if you have specific questions.

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