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MS in USC vs PhD in NUS


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Hello all


I have admits from USC (dream university for two years now) & NUS and I can't help decide.

Here are the facts


1. NUS PhD Chemistry (mostly chemical biology side) full funding plus stipend. (research interests align with one prof, but I do not know much about him)


2. MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences at USC (top 10 in USA for Pharmacy) with no funding for two years. After two years, if I do well, I can transfer to PhD and complete it within 3 years. The PhD will be fully funded (my research interests align with several profs)


Have a classmate studying at USC, so I know all the details about the program and scope and that makes me more confident about USC. NUS, though it is very highly ranked and popular


I am not completely sure if I want to pursue PhD right away. I would prefer to pursue a research job after MS if it is possible.


Eventually I want to matriculate to Duke-NUS medical school and I can't decide which would be a better choice for the next step.


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