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US or UK? (Physics)


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I got admission in Brown and UCL and have undertaken a BSc Hons. in Physics from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

Brown University is offering a Sc.M course in Physics, whereas the course offered by UCL is a 1 year Masters in Science (Astrophysics).

Even though I want to pursue a PhD in Astrophysics post my Masters, I feel a PG in Physics would be as valuable as one in Astrophysics as it will help me improve on my concepts.


I have applied for scholarships and have yet to hear from them. Thus, I am concerned since I will most likely need to take a partial or full loan to fund the degree, which would mean that I would need to undertake a job post the degree to repay the loan.


Thus, Brown or UCL ?


Some points to consider-

1) The total cost (Tuition + Living) for Brown is about 25% higher than the cost for UCL.

2) Brown is lower ranked than UCL for Physics.

3) The Economic situation in UK and therefore poor job opportunities post there. 

4) UK does not allow you to work even for a short while post your degree.

5)UCL course is very intense, not necessarily allowing for a part time job.

6) UCL does not offer Teaching Assistantship for PG students to undertake.


The question is thus whether UCL's better rank for Physics is worth the monetary risk that arises in case of incapability to pay off the loan due to the economic situation.


P.S: If you know of any Scholarship opportunities that might work for me, kindly let me know of those too. 

Really need the money for the above!


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