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What's difference between part-time and full-time in grad school

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Based on other recent threads that you have started, I am afraid you may have a tendency to over-interpret other people's words and actions. I'm not sure how you decide that someone "looks surprised" but if he didn't say anything, I would assume that nothing happened. 


The definitions are straightforward. A full-time student is a student who studies full time, a part-time student studies part-time and usually also has a job. It's not different in grad school than in undergrad. In both cases, the norm is usually to be full-time, especially if you are funded. Studying part-time usually means that you are older and/or have a family, and tends to happen when you are not funded and therefore need to work to pay tuition, rent, etc. Schools have different definitions of what counts as a full credit load, I'm sure you can find out what that means for your school by reading on its website.

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