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Stuck between Sciences Po and College of Europe! Please help...

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Hi everyone!

I've decided after doing my MA in International Relations to change fields and study a discipline that is Economics-related. So I recently received an offer to study Master of International Economic Policy in Sciences Po (Paris) and European Economic Integration and Business in College of Europe (Brugge, Belgium) and I have no idea which one to pick!
The program in Sciences Po is 2 years and I would be looking to continue onto PhD after. I've heard the calibre of staff and students is very high and the courses are extremely well taught. Sciences Po itself is well-regarded within France and the programme offers an option for an internship, which will be useful when finding a job (I plan to stay in France after). I may also have a scholarship although it has not been announced yet. Given that, Paris is extremely expensive and going into another Masters for 2 years seems a bit excessive.
The program in College of Europe is also exceptional and only 1 year. It is a specialised Masters and a very relevant topic, which will equally be useful for a future career. Also, the College is specifically geared towards a 1-year networking and development opportunity with potential European leaders, so it's quite an opportunity to meet future colleagues. I have a scholarship for this one which covers tuition fee, accommodation and 3-course meals so money isn't an issue. The downside is that I want to go into a PhD and the school doesn't offer this, which means I'll have to reapply to a Doctorate program at the end of the year (which is another struggle).
So, I'm at a total loss and have to make a decision by June!!! Help...?
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