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Chem Graduate GPA importance?


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All of the searching I did for this question led me to undergrads applying for school, but this is for when you're already in a PhD program.


I hope this is the right place to ask this: A lot of people believe GPA "doesn't matter" in graduate school since you are only required to keep a minimum GPA (usually 3.0) to stay in the program. But in terms of applying for fellowships, I hear the NIH and other programs actually consider your GPA, so these are two conflicting statements.


Does a GPA actually matter for fellowship applications? Has a B+ ever held anyone back from getting fellowship funding? 


Thank you for your time

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If I'm understanding your question. Keeping a good GPA in your grad program is important for fellowships usually within the first 2 years of the program. If you keep in the 3.7-3.8 range you're considered competitive (though the fellowship amount, prestige, degree of difficulty in attaining, LORs, etc. will play into the final decision). After the first 2 years, you're no longer doing coursework so your research will become the determining factor in winning fellowships. 

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