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Sufficient GRE scores for Princeton??


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I'm an international student in MS course.


I plan to apply grad schools in December.^^


My dream schools are Princeton and Caltech... but I really want to be admitted Princeton T.T...


So I'm curious my overall scores(GPA, GRE,...) are enough for admission.


I really need your comments because I don't have any friends who can advice those things to me.



My specific field is organic/organometallic chemistry.


I want to study inorganic/organometallic/organic chemi in Ph.D course.



My scores are shown below...


Overall GPA : 3.84/4.3, 3.78/4.0


Major(chem) GPA : 3.93/4.3, 3.86/4.0


GRE : V(154, 63%), Q(167, 94%), AW(3.5, 38%), GRE subject(chemistry) : 880/93%


I know that my GRE verbal score is not enough.. so I will get one more test next month.


I have one publication as a 1st author (Org. Lett.)


Do you think my scores are enough to be admitted by Princeton??


I hope you to comment anything about it...


Thank you!!^^

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I would say that your GRE chem and GPA look good enough, but like you yourself said, that verbal score (and also the AW score) are both too low - try to shoot for at least 160 for the verbal part and 5 for the AW part. I personally applied to Princeton too (as an international student but undergrad) with a similar GPA, higher GRE verbal and AW, lower GRE chem, submitted manuscript and didn't get in- however, since you actually have a published paper AND >90% on the GRE subject, it looks like you have a better chance than I did. It's worth trying if you're really interested but to maximize your chances, try to get that verbal and AW score up- you don't want to give admissions officers the impression that English is a problem, especially since you're international and admissions for international students is already competitive enough as it is. Good luck !

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