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Rockefeller Chemistry Program


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I was wondering if anyone heard anything about the Rockefeller chem program. I am really interested in going to a school in nyc (close to where I live, I looked at Columbia but I feel like it is a reach school with my 3.7 gpa, 71% chem gre, 2 years academic research experience + industry experience at Merck and Colgate but no publications so far). I found a couple of Professors in the program who's research topics  pique my interest but I am wondering if the overall program will is any good and whether I will be able to find a job afterwards.


P.S. I am interested specifically in organic chem

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You should apply to the Tri-institutional program in chemical biology at Rockefeller/Cornell Weill/Sloan-Kettering. You can work for any of the 500 or so faculty in those three universities. Columbia is nice too though. I know people with <50% Chem GRE but got into Columbia, so I'm sure you have a shot.

Amazing faculty, no TAing, nice stipend, live on the upper east side. You should check it out. They have a collaboration with Takeda and Cornell's tech campus is being built up so lots of money and excitement there.

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