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Looking into Grad Schools

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I am applying to grad schools next semester. My grades from this last semester were posted online and so far, my major GPA is a 3.69. I am planning on waiting for my fall 2015 grades to come in before I send out any transcripts or applications (hopefully it strengthens my GPA). 

I am really worried because my OVERALL GPA is only a 3.35. 


Im wondering if anyone knows of any schools that mostly look at Major GPA and not cumulative?? I didn't do so great in some general ed. classes that don't have any relation to Speech path. 


My experience so far includes:
- 60 hours of volunteering at a nursing home (in high school)
-Reading partners (non profit after school reading program)
- Babysitter/tutor for a child suffering from dyslexia
- Shadowing a speech pathologist in a school setting (this summer)
-NSSLHA member
-...Looking into becoming an ACE autism volunteer, or participating in clinical research 

I will be taking the GRE at the end of this summer. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to strengthen my application as well? I've been feeling really discouraged lately reading all of the posts about people who have higher GPA's/ more experience than me and didn't get into grad school. 



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I don't know too much about SLP programs, but here's some general advice that will hopefully help with your stress!


In the same way that people with higher GPAs/experiences were not able to get into graduate school, there are also A LOT of people who had weaker credentials that made it. So don't fret! Thinking about graduate school can be very daunting, but it's a beast that you can slay with a bit of perseverance and a positive attitude!


You do have some experience and background, but be sure you know what you're doing and what you plan to pursue. You may want to extend a little bit further in the kind of experiences you have, make sure they are a bit more concrete. Definitely look into clinical research experiences, because that will surely help. 


Given your background, perhaps you can also take a look at some other programs? Maybe mental health/counselling programs are a good fit for you too. Social Work comes to mind as well.

Don't be discouraged by any setbacks, either from experiences or your marks. Those are important, but the overall package of why you are is as important. Why do you think those same people with high GPA/experiences were not able to get into their respective programs? It's probably because of a lack of fit. Just improve on all the aspects that the programs are looking for, and take a chance!

Hopefully someone here can help you out with the SLP programs/schools. Good luck! 

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It's too early to be discouraged!! I didn't apply with the highest GPA/GRE, but I was accepted into three programs.


GPA and GRE are not the only components to an application. Take the time to write a killer SOP (write, rewrite, get feedback from multiple people), and start thinking about who you'll ask for letters of recommendation (pick professors who you've built the strongest relationships with).


You'll also want to apply to a variety of schools. Look on Asha's edfind/ email potential programs for details (GPA/GRE/# of applications) on their accepted applicants. Are you limited to applying to schools in California? California is a competitive state, so it might be beneficial to look out of state. 


Check out this thread 

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