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Field Placements and Driving


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In the next few weeks I'll be interviewing at agencies for my internship this autumn. My first interview is with an agency that is 50 minutes from my house, but seems like a great fit for me on paper. (U-M asked me if I would consider driving that far before setting up the interview, since the location of the office for this agency was only 20 minutes away on the application, but now I would be working in a different office than the one that was listed.) I think I'm going to ask the agency if they would be willing to reimburse some of the amount that I would be spending on gas to get out there. I figure the worst they can say is "no." 


Anyways, do you think interning with this agency, which was my top choice on my field placement application, is worth driving nearly an hour 1-way to get to? Should I turn down this agency and see what the other agencies on my list are like? Has anyone had experience commuting this far to an internship? If so, do you regret it or was it worth the time?


My top 4 (you rate your top 6 choices on the application) all seemed like they would be good matches for me. My 4th choice would have been ranked higher, but it is about a 45 minute drive for me.


Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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If it's somewhere you're really interested in I would say do the interview at least to gather more information.  It's worth asking  about their policy on mileage reimbursement.  You could ask them if there is flexibility with your schedule so you could do longer days and not have to make as many trips back and forth or if there was anything you could do from home.  Once you get a better feel for the different agencies (and how much this particular one would be willing to work with you) it should be easier to decide how important the drive time is. 

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I did my internship at offices 70-90 miles from my home and got reimbursed for nary a mile, all year long. :(  I don't even want to think about how much I spent on gas and how much time I spent in the car.

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I guess every experiences are different. My placement was an hour away,it was my number one choice, mileage reimbursed only when using my car while on the clock, and I loved it! It doesn't hurt to go in and ask questions. After hearing everything out, go with your gut. The last thing you would want is any regret.

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