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School Psychology EdS Programs in US


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Hi all,


Recently I've done more research and talked to someone and found out that the field does seem to fit me, some aspects of mixed counseling + assessment as well as working with a diverse population ranging from children to middle school. As I was originally primarily focused on counseling, school psychology seems to be a option on the same helping field yet its roles are a little more diverse and encompasses different aspects of helping (including assessment and evaluation) and talking to parents, which I seem to enjoy.


I'm trying to narrow down 4 EdS programs from the United States specifically for my applications later this year. Thank you iphi for helping me a lot, and it seems like U of Minnesota & LaHigh are some good fits for me.


Anyone whether currently in a EdS program or has been one or know anything about the field can suggest some good programs for me in the US? Will check them out 1 by 1 and definitely appreciate all sorts of input.


Factors I consider:

- Location (preferably urban, though rural isn't really a big no-no for me)

- Reputation of a generally safe area/city (not a lot of violence/gangs {I'm uninformed in this area, but i know this is a big concern for my parents as they've never studied in America})

- Good reputation for their EdS program, preferably with decent faculty if anyone can speak to that


Thank you in advance!

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Do you have specific geographic preference (i.e. do you want to be in the north, south, east, west, midwest, etc.?) I can speak to some programs in the south and northeast but nowhere else since I haven't looked elsewhere haha

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Not really, so as long as the area has a reputation of somewhat safe (I know that's subjective), so yes, all input please and very appreciated!

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I'm currently in an EdS program and I personally think this is a very tough call. The reason is because, in reality, you're probably going to get very similar training in all accredited programs so the decision is very personal.

I love the following about my program:

-Practicum beginning first semester and continuing both years

-Small cohort

-Faculty involved in the community

-A few classes with other departments (lets you get to know other fields!)

-Core classes taken at the beginning of the program

Things I wish were different:

-My community is very small. My husband and I will definitely have to move for internship, most likely to another state. I wish I thought about where I wanted to be for the long term.

-There is ZERO funding. I will have over $80,000 in loans from the program. There are definitely cheaper programs out there.

I am currently at the University of Montana in Missoula. I LOVE it here and would definitely recommend it. It's a fantastic place to live. (But there are downsides, too.)

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Some of my friends in EdS programs are spread throughout Ohio and Indiana. As far as I know, they all have a generous amount of funding for their programs, a small cohort and interactive faculty, and immediate placement into practicum into the first semester. I'm in a PsyD school psychology program and I absolutely love it. Go school psychology!!! :)

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