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I'm curious whether it's worth my time applying to JHU. I'm thinking of applying to their biomedical engineering program, CS or Neuroscience. My interest is really neural engineering. 


I'm currently an undergrad at a respected state university, i'm a CS major, with a 3.82 and might be below 3.80 by the end of summer if i don't stop spending my time looking at universities and start spending more time on my summer class, lol. I have not taken the GRE's yet but plan to do so by the end of summer. I have 1 year of research in robotics, no papers, two presentations, 1 possible abstract, and almost 2 years worth of internship experience in Software Engineering. I fear my stats might not be good enough for BME but might be able to get me in the door through CS or Neuroscience. Thoughts?

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Apply to whichever program is he best fit for you. Fit is the most important factor in admissions. For what it's worth, I got into JHU biophysics with much lower stats. Speaking to them at the interview weekend, they actually seem to take a very holistic approach to admissions, more so than other schools. I was told their grad school admissions values LORs more than anything else.

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You should definitely apply if there are some groups you'd want to work in! I'm entering the JHU BME Ph.D program for tissue engineering in the fall. My math GRE was low, but they looked at my entire application and realized I had won math scholarships and competitions so they wanted to give me a shot at the interviews. Be clear in your application how your experience feeds into the particular project or subject you're interested in (writing the NSF GRF proposal helped me with that) and tailor a cohesive story.

Applying to grad school isn't really the same as undergrad. I applied to 8 programs (JHU as my dream, several other great ones, and a couple which I thought were "safe"). In the end, only two accepted me because I fit what they were looking for in students.

Good luck with the application process! It's a stressful time. After submitting your apps, I suggest avoiding forums like this and instead enjoying time with friends and family as you'll likely be moving away for grad school.

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