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Looking for fully funded MS/PhD programs for cancer research field


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I am looking for graduate programs that have full funding for Masters or PhD programs on cancer related field (mainly alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease).


I know Purdue (PULSe), Case Western Reserve University (BSTP), Northwestern have full tuition cover + health insurance + stipend


My parents can't afford to pay for my graduate school so it is very important that I find programs that offer funding. The most important will be not paying for tuition. I really don't care too much on the stipend because I can do TA or something to fund for living expenses.


If you know any programs that have full tuition funding please let me know


Thank you

Have a good day




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Almost any of the PhD programs at the ~ 40 NCI-designated Cancer centers would be fully funded. If you're looking at the Midwest, then Purdue, Northwestern, IUPUI, Ohio State, Case Western, UChicago, U of Michigan - just to name a few. 


It would be helpful if you give some info on your undergraduate training and research experience.

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Thanks for the reply.


As for my info:

- International Student

- Major: Biochemistry; Minor: Biology at Purdue University

- GPA: Above 2.5 but below 3.0 (Most downside about my application)

- GRE: Average (Planning to take it again soon)

- 1.5 years of Undergraduate research including summer

- Currently a paid Lab Technician (Contract for 1 year) at Case Western Reserve University

- 1 undergrad Poster and 1 Publication will be submited soon (by mid July; Helped big on one of the PhD candidate's project)


School location doesn't really concern me. I think places like Cali, New York or Florida will actually distract me from studying so a school in middle of nowhere would  be better.

I am planning to apply both Masters and PhD and hopefully I get into a PhD program, so I don't have to waste 2 years getting a MS degree because I know I want a PhD degree in the end. 

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Any of the top cancer programs (irregardless of location) will be very competitive. You could try applying for PhD programs this year, but if you are ultimately aiming for a PhD it may take you working as a research tech for another year before you can be accepted. Now this doesn't mean you will have no chance to get into PhD programs this year - it will just be tougher since you have some of the cards stacked against you. 


The things that you can improve on:

1. GRE score - you need to score high (85th+ percentile, 4.5+ on the AWA) and probably may need to take the GRE subject (Biochem or Bio) and score well (75th+ percentile)

2. Articulate your research goals clearly in your SOP (start working on that this summer)

3. Get strong letters of recommendation (from your undergrad PI, your current lab PI, and another prof who can attest to your research and/or academic acumen)

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