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MSW@USC vs. SocialWork@Simmons


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Does anyone have any idea the type of relationship these schools share?

I noticed at the bottom of the page for both schools that all correspondence is mailed to the same location:  

8201 Corporate Drive, Suite 900

Landover, MD 20785


I have already applied to USC, but now I am considering Simmons as well based on cost and the flexibility of different start dates.  

Any help is appreciated!  

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Im applying to Simmons, and I'm almost done. The admissions counselor was telling me that they send everything to Maryland because the campus doesn't have the resources to deal with everything between staff, frequent mailings, etc. 


It's probably a third-party that the two schools hire because of that same reason. 


Besides the price, I've found that people with MSWs really admire the Simmons education versus a USC one. The only thing with that is if you want to have a private therapy practice, the USC name is more well known versus a Simmons one. 

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Thank you!  

The main reason I am attracted to USC at all is the fact that they have a Military Mental Health sub-concentration.  I have yet to find another program with that focus, I am a veteran and work at the VA currently so I think that USC may end up being my definite choice for that reason alone.  I applied May 1st and I am still waiting on a decision...

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