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Worth doing another Master's?


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I am now doing MA in Economics and was planning to do a PhD. But recently I spoiled my GPA (due to some personal reasons). So I got C+ in math and B- in Macro I and II, ending up with preliminary GPA of 3.3 (by the end of the first year of two year program). My undergrad GPA - 3.8 in Mathematical Economics.


I am now considering taking Real Analysis at Math Department in autumn semester in order to prove my math skills. I am pretty sure I can nail it, but by the time of most of application I will not receive the grade. Also I am taking advanced PhD courses in Micro and Finance. The problem is the same: I cannot increase my GPA by the time of application deadlines.


What would you recommend me? Can I still be accepted at decent schools?

Worth it doing another MA/MS? Maybe in Mathematics?

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