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Plz help a business dog→_→dilemma between Cornell and LSE

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Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself first.

- I come from a big nation with delicious food, and is always critized by Uncle Sam. Yeah, I know you all have the answer.

-Why business dog? The "Dog" is famous in my country now. It is used to describe situations in which someone needs to struggle to make a living.

-Programs: Cornell- Master of Management in Hospitality 2+1 (which means I ought to work two years and then go to Ithaca at 2017)

                   LSE-Master's in Management (CEMS, 2-year programme)

-Why am I confused: People from my country overvalue reputation of universities and reputation is an ambiguous concept. They think Ivy League is better than G5 and US is better than UK(mostly based on quality of education). Is that true? This is a stupid question while I have never been to these two countries...What should I take into consideration? Thanks!

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