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Harvard MPA/ID

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Hi all,


I am thinking of applying to a number of masters programs this coming fall. I have a strong math background, and I am looking for analytical leadership training that would open doors to many different career options globally (in either the public or the private sector). An acquaintance recently told me about Harvard Kennedy School's MPA/ID program as a great option that offers quantitative and conceptual rigor + super diverse student body, and I am interested in learning more about it. I have read its website and done some quick Googling, but I was hoping folks on this board could help me get a more 'real' sense around the program:


Could people comment on the following: 


1) How competitive is the admissions process for this program? (I have heard that it's the most difficult to get into among all the programs at HKS?)

2) How is the caliber of the student body? In terms of raw intellect as well as professional track record?

3) What are the major pros and cons of doing this program vs. an MPP / MPA / MBA?

4) How well reputed is this program?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi mpahopeful,

Regarding you questions:

1) I believe the admissions process for the MPA/ID is VERY competitive. I applied to 12 programs and this was one of the only 2 that rejected me. I might be wrong but I seem to remember that the class is pretty small, 70 or less. They are looking for people with strong quantitative training + a gre over 161 on quant + professional experience that prooves your dedication to development. Besides being relevant, it is preferable if your professional experience shows your potential.

2) The student body mmmm I dont know exactly for I have not meeted them but I guess, because of the admissions process, they have great profiles.

3) The mayor pro/con is that this program is the most quantitative one you will find. It is not just the question of whether you like math or not, some classes seem to have a phd level. You should think carefully if this is what you are looking for.

4) Very well reputed. In my opinion,it is the best HKS program. Not that it matters but it was in my top 3.

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