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Choosing 3 MPP top programs with good funding


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Hi all, 


This is are actually 2 questions in one. I want to know which program could be the best suited for my career interests; and which programs are the most likely to give me financial aid (the closest to full tuition)


This is the situation: I need to choose 3 MPP programs. This is for my application to the Fulbright Scholarship (the peruvian version). I guess some might not know how this works...so: If the Fulbright selects you as a candidate, they basically do the application for you. They don't give tuition, but they negotiate with the universities directly for admittance and financial aid. I haven't been selected yet (the application date ends june 30), so I am thinking positive here... but the 3 programs I wirte down in my applications will be the ones de Fulbright presents myself to (that is, if I am selected)... so  need to pick the 3 best choices.


I have reviewed lots of programs and have come up with the following list. 


Harvard HSK MPP

Princeton WWS MPA

Columbia SIPA MPA

Berkeley GSPP MPP

Chicago Harris MPP

Michigan Ford MPP

Duke Sanford MPP


As the list shows, I am looking for a top program but I simply cannot affor top end education costs in the US so I want to increase as much as it is posibilities the chances of getting addmitted  AND recieving full or close to full tuition (is it possible?). Which are the best 3 programs that could give me the most funding and posibilities of addmitance? Should I look into other programs?


A little bit about me:

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and I have more than three years of work experience (as a researcher and more recently as a public servant) in areas related to education policy (particularly on Peru’s descentralization reform and management modernization); and urban inequality (linked to informal housing and residential segregation). Since 2015 I work as an Analyst in a Policy Monitoring System in the Secretary for Strategic Planning in the Ministry of Education. This job position is the most important step in a personal career choice to shift from an academic to an applied approach to public policy. I see my professional future dedicated to the public sector, where it be as an external technical consultant (independent or involved in a non-profit public policy organization) or holding a decision-making position in a public institution.


What I look for:

I want a program that will give me very solid quant skills (I don't love them but one of the reasons for doing a MPP is to get them) plus will give me the oportunity to get into urban policy (maybe planning) withot specializing completely. In the future I want to do a PhD probably in social policy focused on urban topics or in Sociology; but I right now I want a professional degree. I want to be a hybrid between academic research and being a public policy do-er.


Which 3 universities would be the best choices? This is my idea:


1. Harvard (their prestige + urban and social policy track)

2. Princeton (I heard they give lots of funding)

3. Michigan (this is my "backup" and they also give lots of funding)


Please any comments on how good are the univs I listed for my interest and for funding or any suggestions on the 3 choices I should take (maybe I have to look for more univs?) will be very much appreciated :)






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