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MPP - Edinburgh vs. UCL

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Hey everyone, 


I'm lucky enough to be accepted at both Edinburgh and UCL. I'm having trouble deciding where to attend and I'd like some help. I'm a U.S student and want to come back to the states, though not right after my degree, but after a year or two working. 


Here's a pro/con list for the two uni's: 



1) Cheaper

2) I'm from NY and not a fan, Edinburgh might be a nice change. 

3) Comes with a 3 month policy internship and a specialization. 

1) Not as well regarded as UCL 

2) Less networking Opportunities/finding your own internship/job.

3) Worse weather



1) Better regarded

2) London's networking/job/internship/proximity to think-tanks and whatnot.

3) More breadth of courses available for me for electives

1) More expensive

2)No internship

3) No specialization


My biggest objective would be to find employment in the UK for a year or so after the degree and then move back to the states and get a job. ideal work would be legislative analyst/think-tank researcher. 


Thanks in advance!! 


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