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Reputation of ESSEC- France Phd?


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Hello everyone,

Can anyone please tell me how is an ESSEC phd perceived in the academic and consulting job market. Does Essec place graduates of the PhD program in average schools in North America or above average schools in EU?

How difficult is it for international students to get work permit after grad school in France compared to English speaking countries like the Uk or usa?


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I have a couple of friends that are in European doctoral programs (I'll be applying in the fall for 2016 entry in strategy), and ESSEC has a pretty good academic reputation for their PhD, probably in the range of Bocconi / HEC / RSM / Tilburg / IESE, but not in the range of INSEAD or LBS.  Probably in finance they are weaker than some of the other schools.  HEC, for instance, seems to have some great placements in finance (Harvard, MIT, Toronto), and Bocconi too has placed finance people at HEC Lausanne and Peking University.  RSM seems to have better placements in marketing (e.g., Penn State), though this year someone from ESSEC actually joined the RSM faculty in marketing.   


In management / strategy / OB, ESSEC seem to have had some placements in France (IESEG, Montpellier, NEOMA), the UK (King's College), the USA (Pace U), and Canada (St. Mary's University), and a postdoc (George Mason).  In other specializations they have done well too - someone from Operations got a job at the University of San Francisco, and they seem to have a lot of good placements in accounting (Ivey, HEC Paris, University of Central Florida, Concordia, Cass, etc.) but then again I think it is relatively easy to get jobs in accounting ;-)...


I'd really like to go to France for my doctoral studies and probably INSEAD will be too competitive for me.  Comparing ESSEC and HEC in the management specialization I prefer ESSEC, especially since I'm not French - it's strange, but most of the "good" HEC placements seem to have gone to French, ESSEC seems to have better placements (at least in management) for non-French students.  I think HEC has some really good placements (Ivey, Cambridge, Bocconi - all French) but most of their non-French students in the last few years got postdocs in management / strategy / OB. There is one OB grad (woman) who is not French who got a job at IE but she works in an accounting dept: http://www.ie.edu/business-school/faculty-research/faculty/anisa-shyti/


Finally, I think non-EU / French students are getting permits to work in France after the PhD.  I don't think that is an issue if you're good enough to actually get a job offer! :-)...


I hope that helps. 

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