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Getting FBI Fingerprints outside of US.

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Hi everyone!


I will be attending Penn State University for upcoming school year and as part of the background check requirement, incoming students are asked to submit their fingerprints cards to the FBI. However, as an international student (Canadian), I am a bit lost with how to proceed with getting fingerprints in Canada and I just wanted to see if there are any one of you who are in a similar situation as me and I was hoping to get your advice on this matter (or work things out together).


As far as I know, I can get my fingerprints inked and rolled at local police. But I am confused with things like a) if I need to write something under FBI No, Miscellaneous No, Social Security No., and etc on the fingerprint form (I feel like I do not need to worry about providing that information but I am afraid that the FBI will reject my request due to failure to enter all information), and B) how to properly take care of the fingerprint form once fingerprints have been taken (... can I fold the form in half or should I just place it in a big envelope?) 


I hope I can get some guidance (or work things out together) from someone who are currently in a similar situation or who have already went through this process!


-Jen :)

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Hey Jen! 


I'm also going to Penn State, and just finished up with all of this. I did my fingerprint cards in the U.S., though, but the procedure shouldn't be much different for you, except for where you get your fingerprints taken, and what to put down for your social. I went to the local sheriff's office to get my fingerprints done, and all they had me do before taking my prints was to sign and fill in my name. The rest I completed at home following the sample page the university sent me. I also found this helpful: https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/fingerprints_biometrics/guidelines-for-preparation-of-fingerprint-cards-and-association-criminal-history-information. I don't think I put anything down for any of the slots asking for a number, except for my social security no. You shouldn't need to worry about that either since you I'm assuming you don't have one  :) I sent my cards and cogent receipt in a big envelope, and paid extra to have it certified. It's been nearly two weeks now so I should hear back in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed I did it right! Also, my friends had to do this some years ago in Europe, and it was basically the same. They went to the local police to get their fingerprints taken and sent the cards. Hope this helps! 

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AH! Thanks so much danica1!!! The link you cited is extremely helpful. I went to the local police station today and it seems like I need to get my fingerprints inked and rolled in one of the fingerprint agencies. Yeah, you are right -- according to the website, it seems like the social security number is not required but recommended. Thanks again danica1 :)


If I could ask you one more question: what did you put under "Reason Fingerprinted" block? I am confused by this sentence,

  1. "A statute must be included in the Reason Fingerprinted block and coincide with the literal (i.e. Pharmacists B&PC 4345, Notaries Public Gov C 82141, AS 13.08.015 Permit for School Bus Driver). "

Would it be sufficed to write "Graduate School Assistant"?



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