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International grad schools

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"International grad school," as in anywhere that is not the United States? You're not even going to tell us in what field? I'm sorry but that's not the kind of question we can answer here. No one will sit down and make you a list of all the places that "do not require a GMAT etc" (what does that even mean, exactly?) anywhere in the world, it's too much work. 


If you want us to help you, you need to start by helping yourself. You need to formulate a question we can answer. Before you can do that, you need to do some work of your own. What countries are you considering? (hint: in some countries they speak languages you don't and therefore they are not options to begin with; some are just in parts of the world you may not want to live in.) A good way to narrow down the field is to ask: What do you want to study, and where do the scholars who study those questions work? Find some scholars who would be potential advisors in countries you might want to study in. This may require yet another process you will need to go through, of defining your research interests for yourself in sufficient detail to be able to find relevant scholars who could be your advisors. Doing this will not be a waste -- if you want to have a chance at a funded PhD anywhere, at the very least you'll need to be able to talk about specific research interests in an informed way; some schools will also want a research proposal detailing the precise question you will investigate for your PhD. Once you've identified some potential advisors, read about the application process to their schools (a lot of this information can be found on the university webpage or by googling). Then you can come back and ask more informed questions that someone here can answer, for example if you are unsure what the funding situation is like at country X or university Y, or how to write a research statement in field Z for a school in country W. That is the kind of thing that someone here might know the answer to. 

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Ooops...sorrry. My bad...I was just being lazy. i should have clarified. I meant to ask if anyone knew of any websites that are good to make a start on. I have started doing some web research. If its of any help, i wil come back and tell everyone what I found. i am looking for Psych options and at this stage undecided on England and Scotland. .


thanks and very sorry for the rather misplaced query..



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