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I have one question for Princeton WWS alumni and applicants?


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Should I even bother applying?


Undergrad: Second Tier Ivy (Cornell, Brown, Upenn). Graduation date: 2013

BA: Political Science (International Politics focus); GPA: 3.67, Cumulative GPA: 3.60

GRE: V:157, Q: 158, W: 4.0

Econ/Math: Just Principles of Econ in undergrad, and three "political economy" like classes (3As, 1 B. I was actually a quant guy before undergrad, so I am currently refreshing my math with the hope of taking Micro,Macro, and Multivariable Calc before I apply in November. Is the Calc necessary?

Work Experience: excluding undergrad internships: 1.75 at public sector consulting (doing a great deal of international disarmament/pandemic relief work; (think Deloitte, Accenture, Booz Allen).

Leadership: coach to youth development program, pro-bono nonprofit consultant.

Recommendations: 1 professor, 2 supervisors/bosses

Language: Proficient in Spanish, Beginner in French

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