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PhD Resume -- Lacking Significant Research Experience


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I am working on my resume and SOP for the fall 2016 admissions cycle and I'm really struggling with my resume/CV. I'm applying to PhD programs in math education, and most of the advice online doesn't seem to be directed at people pursuing doctorates in Ed. Specifically, most advise to submit a CV, with research and presentation experience. I did have a small research assitant position as part of my master's program, but it honestly focused more on the collection of data then its interpretation. It was also in no way related to math. As I understand it, my work experience as a teacher is more valuable anyway (and, in fact, a pre-requisite for most of the programs to which I'm applying). How did those of you with teaching experience present it in your CV?



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I'm not an Ed person but my best advice is to spend some time on the websites of the programs you are planning to apply for. Identify the early-career (first-year, maybe second-year) students, find the ones with websites, and look at their CVs. That will give you the best idea of what the profiles of recent admitees look like, and more specifically how they structure their CVs. 


More generally, I think the CV should be tailored to your strengths and to the situation. If you are applying to programs that emphasize teaching/practical experience, then your teaching should be front and center. If the program highlights its commitment to research, then the research should come first, though depending on exactly how weak your research experience is / how strong your teaching experience is, I might make different decisions. If you are applying to research-centric programs but highlight your teaching in your CV, you need to make sure that your SOP addresses your choice to apply to a research heavy program despite your relative lack of experience, to show that you understand the nature of the program and have considered your fit with it.

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