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cheez im so worried


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About Me:

graduating student in Mech Eng

My major GPA is 3.0.

My overall is 3.1

Got some experience from co-op, research, good references.

Its no use to say that I should have taken the grades more seriously last couple semesters. I like to be an engineer in overall and I know I can do VERY well in school if I would have been more focused but that's for that. blah blah

I wanna ask you guys about my chance of getting into some decent schools. My current targets are Drexel, Northwestern, U of Southern California, Texas A&M. I'm getting the GRE in Nov. Studying very hard for it and for my classes too. I'm really doing everything I can if not even more.

I expect after this fall, my major GPA'll be 3.2. Again, for me grade isn't everything. I don't freaking care. But i want to learn more in grad school, and grade matters now.

I jus want to ask if there is anyone out there who has been in a situation like myself and got into a good schools. Any inspiration would be appreciated very much. Otherwise, i'm just gonna keep trying hard!

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