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Denominational affiliation - does it affect your chances?


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I am a Protestant student in an MA program at a Catholic school, with full funding. I can let you know this spring how it works out for me and the Ph.D. However, of the current Ph.D students whose denominations I know, it's probably about 50:50::Prot:Cath. *Most* Ph.D students get either full or half funding, but I'm not sure what the numerical breakdown there is. The Ph.D program is strictly historical theology, though, and for some reason attracts a large number of "recovering Pentecostals" nevertheless interested in studying Pentecostalism.

Some programs are (in)famous for denominational favoritism--it is, reportedly, nearly impossible to get into Notre Dame's systematics Ph.D/Th.D unless you, um, check "Catholic" on your application.

People have also mentioned that theology programs (I'm not sure about biblical ones, though) in the (Deep) South are prejudiced against applicants from evangelical traditions, or maybe just degrees from evangelical colleges. I have no firsthand knowledge of this.

I would think denominational affiliation might make a difference at a seminary versus a university-based program, but that's more of an assumption than anything else. And certainly if it's a religious institution of any sort you would want to see if they make you sign a pledge of belief in scriptural inerrancy (well, duh, sorry to state the bleedingly obvious).

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