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Getting in with online BA?


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Hi all! First post here. So I'm completing a psych BA online through SNHU. I really want to get either my MS or MA in industrial psych, aka organizational psych, applied psych, etc. Lots of different ways it's described at various schools. Anyway, my degree won't be finished until next Oct. and I want to try and enroll somewhere (brick and mortar) in Fall 2017. I haven't taken the GRE yet however some schools I'm considering require it and some don't. There is a part of me that is concerned though that when my app comes across the admissions desk they will laugh it right out of the building. For various life/financial/whatever reasons I couldn't make getting my BA at a traditional school work out. I'm fairly intelligent and working hard at SNHU. Contrary to what some people are saying, I don't just log in each week and have a 4.0 given to me.


TL;DR, has anyone out there been admitted to a traditional grad program with an online BA?

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I've worked in admissions for graduate studies before. As long as you got your degree from a regionally-accredited university (which if SNHU stands for Southern New Hampshire University, it is), you should be OK. Is there anything on the transcript that says the majority of your courses were completed online? I don't think you would have to mention that in a statement of purpose, though if you're in Seattle and went to SNHU they might figure it out. It's the accreditation that matters more than where you were actually sitting, and getting strong references from faculty will be more important for you, I think.

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Hi Between Fields,


Thanks so much for your reply! I don't think anything will specify that my courses were done online but yeah, it's not exactly rocket science for them to figure that out considering all of the publicity SNHU is getting lately. References will be tricky since I've never actually met any of the teachers, but I'm getting a new advisor specific to my program next week so I'm hoping they can help me sort all that out. The only thing I'm a little concerned about is that terms are condensed at SNHU (you are correct, Southern New Hampshire). Terms are only 8 weeks long. I've been tracking the prerequisites of different schools I'm looking at so I'm making sure they are covered, but they aren't traditional quarter or semester length terms. Thankfully my grades are strong (3.73 GPA at the moment) so I'm hopeful that will help carry me, combined with my SOP which I should probably start like now lol. I think I'm just going to apply to several schools (5-10) to up my chances, if I can afford all the fees and crap. As for the GRE, I want to vomit thinking about the math section at the moment so I'm trying to not think about it quite yet. Soon though!

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