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US Universities offering Powerplant research / related coursework


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Been a lurker for a while. I am looking forward to applying in fall 2015. I have a bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering. My background info


GPA: 3.08


Research Experience: 1 conference paper (3AF 2015) and 1 journal paper in the works (Area: High Lift Aerodynamics) 


GRE : Not given yet , TOEFL: 119


Work Experience: 1.5 years at a reputed airline as part of its Aircraft Maintenance Operation.


Miscellaneous Exp: JAVA based software for gas turbine,steam turbine and HVAC design calculations. (College Project)


Although, my work and research experience is oriented towards Aerospace, I have become more interested in Powerplant (gas and steam turbines in particular) design and development. However, I am quite clueless as to which universities in the US offer specialization for Powerplant design as part of its Mechanical Engineering coursework and hence why I am posting here. Any help is appreciated. 


Thanks :)

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