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Toefl vs GRE for international students


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I'm from kuwiat I'm inteding to study Phd computer science in US, I have a Bs in computer science and Ms in Computer Engineering, and work experiance for 12 years in Software development, and my research intrest in software engineering, all of the Grad school are requiring from international students a toefl & GRE exam scores, I was able to get good score in toefl but GRE (V&Q) I toke the exam twise and I was not able to get good scores, for GRE (V) section is very hard for me to memorise the huge number of word and thier meaning since english is not my first language , and for the math section in both times I was able to solve the questions but I'm slow in CAT exams so I was not able to finish, so my question will my bad GRE score effect my chance of admission even if my Toefl score is good and my working experiance is in the field that I would like to continue my Phd research.

finally, what is your advice for me do you recommend me to retake the GRE test again as alast chance before I ably (admission deadline Dec-15) ?

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