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Sociology masters, high GPA, not much research experience?

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Hi guys! I'm looking into applying for a Sociology masters program within the next 1-2 years, to get more formal training in the field, and possibly a  a PhD somewhere further down the road. I'm mainly interested in culture and identity, globalization, cultural theory--so Anthropology might be a good fit, too.


I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from a top three liberal arts college, with a major in Sociology. I'm mainly worried about my lack of research experience. I've done research in Psychology (in two Psych labs--didn't publish anything though), and started a thesis in Psychology, but ended up dropping the major (and thus, the thesis). I have done some summer research for an African NGO during college. I'm 2-3 years out of college now, and currently do research (non-sociology-related) for a large journalism organization. I hope to write some articles relating to my topic of interest, but I don't think academia takes those seriously, anyway. 


I'm at the earliest stages of looking at grad schools, and was thinking of perhaps Cambridge/Oxford in the U.K. Is that too high of a reach? How important is research for Masters programs vs. GPA & test scores? 


Thank you! 

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