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What are my MPA chances at Woodrow Wilson, JHU SAIS, and Harvard Kennedy?


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Should I even bother applying?


Undergrad: Second Tier Ivy (Cornell, Brown, Upenn). Graduation date: 2013

BA: Political Science (International Politics focus); GPA: 3.67, Cumulative GPA: 3.60

GRE: V:162, Q: 152 (first Manhattan Practice test; minimum study) Will hopefully raise quant score to 160 by september.

Econ/Math: Just Principles of Econ in undergrad, and three "political economy" like classes (3As, 1 B. I was actually a quant guy before undergrad, so I am currently refreshing my math with the hope of taking Micro,Macro, and Multivariable Calc before I apply in November. Is the Calc necessary?

Work Experience: excluding undergrad internships: 1.75 at public sector consulting (doing a great deal of international disarmament/pandemic relief work; (think Deloitte, Accenture, Booz Allen).

Leadership: coach to youth development program, pro-bono nonprofit consultant.

Recommendations: 1 professor, 2 supervisors/bosses

Language: Proficient in Spanish, Beginner in French

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Nick, you've started three threads on this forum with the same exact content. I get that you're looking for more feedback. The summer is kind of a quiet time on the forum since people have made their decisions on where to go, and applicants haven't started panicking about SOPs yet. I suggest you talk to some friends who are attending graduate school or mentor figures from work and school to get their take on you, especially since they know you. If you're eager for personalized feedback from alums of particular schools, ask to be put in touch with some by a school's admissions office or hunt around on LinkedIn. There's a lot of information out there other than what's available here.

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